Expected daily traffic to the terminal is ~ 100,000 with peak hours seeing as much as 4,000 passengers per hour. Majority of the inbound traffic is from Cavite. Traffic will peak between 5am - 9am and from 6-pm - 10pm.

PITX traffic Chart

Approximately 100,000 passengers will use the terminal daily and will form the core market for the commercial offer.

  • Leisure / VFR traveller: 31,000
  • Night time worker: 33,000
  • Day time worker: 24,000
  • Student: 10,000
Regular visitors from more than 78% of the catchment
  • Regular Passengers: 40%
  • Regular Employees: 34%
  • Unique Passengers: 22%
Almost equally distributed base by dwell time
  • High Dwell Time: 52%
  • Low Dwell Time: 48%
Ground Floor
PITX Ground Floor Legend
2nd Floor
PITX Second Floor Legend
3rd Floor
PITX Third Floor Legend

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All PITX retail inquiries are not handled by KMC Savills. Kindly email [email protected] to know more.
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